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I had taken a few weeks off!. I've had a lot of work this week with PiKISS. I just missed being a trending topic on Twitter, ha ha. I thank all of you who have supported me, both financially in Paypal where I am receiving donations from users who have found the project very interesting, and those who have spread it through social networks. The article in the prestigious Tom's Hardware has also been an injection of desire to move forward. Now it's time to do my best and get out some new scripts, although there's a lot of old and obsolete code that I'd like to refactor and that gives me a little bit of shame, you know how demanding I am, so I don't get involved anymore. I leave you the links that I have collected this week that are interesting... Here we go!

Video of the week: Pi Labs > Let's try PiKISS on TwisterOS!! it's awesome!!
  • 6 SD cards tested. Raspberry Pi 4. Speed test. A1, U1, A2: I like each and every video from leepspvideo (especially the one from PiKISS). Whenever I go to buy a microSD card, I have no idea which one to choose. It's usually a Samsung EVO, but the Kingston are also a clear winner. However, in this video they clear up your doubts. | > leepspvideo


  • Come to Discord and talk about development, retro gaming and Twister OS!: Salva from Pi Labs along with Grayduck have a Discord server where we talk about this operating system that's a trend. There we are ptitSev, the creator of the project box86 to emulate x86 libraries on Pi, and myself where I have my own channel to support PiKISS. These days we have been looking at how to create a dynamic wallpaper like the one on MacOS Catalina for Raspberry Pi. You won't be bored, I assure you! | > Pi Labs


  • Raspberry Pi 4, now running your favorite distribution!: Who needs Raspberry OS when you can have Debian. The image comes with no extra software, only the compressed image is about 363 MB. It comes with kernel 5.7.0-2 and if you have the RPi 4 8 GB, you better wait for them to fix a bug with the USB ports. |

  • UASP makes Raspberry Pi 4 disk IO 50% faster: UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) is a File Transfer Protocol (It's not FTP!). I didn't know that the one usually used is called BOT (Bulk-Only Transport). This article explains it quite well, although I haven't had time to read it thoroughly. By the way, Jeff's blog is very interesting and worth to have in the bookmarks. |

  • Writing GUI applications on the Raspberry Pi without a desktop environment: Of course, using framebuffer. It's not the best way to get something that needs speed, but it works. They also comment a library called Raylib with many advantages to work with accelerated hardware. |

Twitter of the week thanks to @sulfuroid:

Happy weekend!