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We surpassed 100,000 visits!

Jose CerrejonAbout 2 minRaspberry PIGeneralRaspberry PIGeneral

We surpassed 100,000 visits!


It seems like yesterday and since January of this year I started the blog, all has been happiness: New friends, new experiences and nothing better than to continue this journey with you...

[ Raspberry Pi ]

Maybe you don't know what the hell is a Raspberry Pi. You can get an idea in this linkopen in new window. What is certain is that it has changed the way we view the electronic science, programming and Linux for many people and kids. We have opted for it, even Google donated 15,000 unitsopen in new window for schools in the UK and has created an environment for web developers called Coderopen in new window.

It has got rivals, but has never fallen from his throne. I would have never imagined we could do so many things with it: Home Center that plays Full HD, music and photos, retro game console, downloads/files/web/print/database server, video surveillance and security systems, home automation, robotics, teaching, VOIP, video screen for demonstrations, play content from your phone to the TV, weather station and so on. All this in the hands of anyone who wants to take forward and yes, perhaps you can do it with your computer, but not with a power consumption of a few [dollars,euros,pounds] a year.

[ Mission accomplished on the blog? ]

Of course not. There is still much to do and learn. Expand a little more the other sections, improving the usability of the web, my own tutorials...

The blog was the continuation of Google Docsopen in new window, updated daily and as I said on another occasion, is the file with more documentation and links collected about Raspberry Pi in the World.

It's pretty sacrificed get a blog and update it almost daily. It's a challenge finding articles, projects or new that are not cover in the main channels, but I'm happy with some tutorial that has become famous this blog, like the CuboPuntes or the RetroPie guide, which continues to receive visitors. The English translation help me to improve my knowledge of the language (no one has complained yet) and something you did not expect: comrades. People with your same passion we discussed all that excited to do with this plate so small and that after two years since its launch continues to surprise us.

[ Thanks ]

Too many, beginning with Elena. After 13 years together, we have found our "place" in the relationship and now everything is almost perfect with our little prrety girl Laura (don't grow up, It's a trap!).

Juandeopen in new window and Manel Alonsoopen in new window, which have become a hobby mate and I hope to continue taking around here many years. Also those who comment on the post like HugoRM, Etherless, draken123 and people who send me emails with articles, questions or suggestions...

Of course everyone who maintain a blog showing us their experiences.

I hope you Keep reading this blog for a long time!