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Build your own Ambilight clone (Youtube)

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Build your own "Ambilight" clone (Youtube)


After spending so much time reading about Raspberry Pi, I think we are gradually seeing what the majority use is given are: Media Center, server, emulators for retro systems and Ambilight.

Today's post is dedicated to the brave who want to learn to build your own Ambilight system...

And nothing better to do that than with some videos that leave me impressed.

In this first whole process is about assembly of LED strips on the TV and installing Raspbmc.

In this second part we configure the necessary files for perfect synchronization between the strips of LEDs and the OS.

If you still want more help, I've compiled links I already posted in this blog.

Happy Sunday!

Link: > DIY Ambilight system and not die trying (translated link)

Links: > Ambilight with Raspberry Pi. The Guide (Spanish pdf) | > Ambilight for Raspbmc updated