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Nintendo 64 emulator branch master updated! (binary included!)

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Nintendo 64 emulator branch master updated! (binary included!)


Yesterday the Mupen64Plus-RPI Emulator for the Pi was updated. It seemed incredible that the Pi could move the emulator with the ease that it does, but we see that almost nothing is impossible...

Now his author is working on a wiki to adjust the configuration file according to the game. By the way, if anyone has any list and wants to share, I leave the forum link below...

If you are interested to compile it, you have the steps in the post that I published here.

If you want the binaries, take a coffee and come back you can download it in the link below...

Download: mupen64plus-rpi_build180614.tar.gz

Link: > WIP: Playable Nintendo 64 Emulator Availableopen in new window

Link: github > mupen64plus-rpiopen in new window

Link: Xbox 360 wireless controlleropen in new window