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News this week on the Pi World and... Contest inside!

Jose CerrejonAbout 2 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

News this week on the Pi World and... Contest inside!


March is ending and I have new and exciting topics that, while some are not directly related with the Pi, It can help.

How about a CONTEST to win a book about Raspberry Pi?. Let's go!

  • Armiga: Amiga with a heart of Raspberry Pi: A new Crowdfunding campaign from Spanish guys to take our money. It's a Rasberry Pi + expansion board + floppy to read Amiga disk among others. More info on indiegogo.comopen in new window

  • 7 games that can help you become a better programmer: Not directly related, but I found an post that collect what is called today the Gamificationopen in new window to learn a programming languaje with games. Detail in the next translated link from genbetadev.comopen in new window

  • Linux Commands Cheat Sheet: Do you remember the NOTESbox?. I love cheat sheets and I found this week particularly interesting this from Linoxide.comopen in new window.

Finally, I'm sorry to have delayed the contest. You know the change that I've had at work and now I'm looking for a job.

Honestly I have not started to look for a sponsor and I do it because I promised to you.

[ Contest ]

rpi books
rpi books

I thought a good gift can be one of the books that have been written about Raspberry Pi and more than one I mentioned in the blog.You can see a list of some of them below, but you are free to choose what you want. The only condition is that this book must be related with the Pi:

  • Beginning Sensor Networks with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

  • Getting Started with ownCloud

  • Hacking Raspberry Pi

  • Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python

  • Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents

  • Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino

  • Smart Home Automation with Linux and Raspberry Pi, 2 Edition

  • Super Scratch Programming Adventure! (Covers Version 2): Learn to Program by Making

  • Cool Games, 2nd Edition

  • Practical Raspberry Pi

  • Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino

  • Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux

  • Raspberry Pi Hacks

  • Raspberry Pi Cookbook

  • Others from Amazonopen in new window

The contest are in the entire World, so any person in this world can participate regardless of age.

What you must do?. Perform the following two steps:

1.- Twitt the next message: CONTEST! You can get the book you want about #Raspberry_Pi on! +info: RT! @ulysess10

2.- Write a comment below with your twitter user, nationality and book that you want to win.

The contest end on April, 20, and on successive days the winner will be announced.

Good luck and Happy weekend!