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OpenMSX 0.11.0. Choose a flavor. Banana or Raspberry.

Jose CerrejonLess than 1 minuteRaspberry PIBanana PiRaspberry PIBanana Pi

OpenMSX 0.11.0. Choose a flavor: Banana or Raspberry.


This weekend I have been exchanging emails with the staff of openMSX emulator and have compiled the latest version of which I consider the best MSX emulator at the moment. Do you want to run on the Raspberry Pi at 50 fps?, Want to try the first port of this emulator for Banana Pi?. Enters without knocking!...

Athletic Land
Athletic Land

If you want to see the changelog go to this announcement on msx.orgopen in new window.

I know you're dying to try it, so if you have a Raspberry Pi, I updated the post where you can get it.

For Banana Pi users, I used Bananian as distro to compile and the link with instructions to make it work are the same as in the post I mentioned for Raspberry Pi users. You can find the download link at the end of this post. Remember to install the dependencies: apt-get install libglew1.7 libtheora0 libao4.

The emulator is surprisingly well on both platforms, although I notice that on BPi goes better.

I want to thank the members of openMSX Team and specially to Patrick van Arkel and Manual Bilderbeek for the help received in the IRC channel (freenode) #openmsx. Some of them already have a Raspberry Pi, so you will enjoy a compiled version by themselves of this great emulator soon.

Download Banana Pi: > openmsx_0-11.0_BPI-armhf.debopen in new window

Direct download Raspberry Pi: openmsx_0-11.0_armhf.deb