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Running API Builder on Raspberry Pi Cluster using Docker Swarm

pi cluster

Great series of articles I saw a few months ago and now I want to comment on how to create an API from a cluster with 5 Raspberry PIs interconnected. A lot of experience but simple execution. I quickly define some of the terms for those who are not developers:

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+


Well, this entry serves to excuse me for this blog break. Housing changes, new projects, challenges and no time to enjoy the Pi right now. I only currently use it for my daughter and her neighbors to beat up bad guys in Captain Commando, Cadillac & Dinosaurs or Final Fight. Yes, that's what my dear Pi is for.

Recently I renewed the hosting of the blog. So it will stay here one year more. I hope to have a little more time to the blog, but I want to give it another focus, because what I shared were mostly news that surely you would have read in other blogs that are updated more regularly.

Anyway, if you want to comment something, if you liked this blog as it was with its weekly summaries, if you want to close it or talk about other boards, you can comment via mail or in this post, below in the comments.

And now yes, I inform you something that you already knew for sure, that last November 16 a new model came out: the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+.

News this weeks in the Pi World

Duke Nukem

What a job it's taking to me to write on the blog!. And thanks God I don't have to develop any article. But I'm here again with a summer mix and news of a few weeks ago and this beginning of September. Do you dare to read them?... Here we go with the Pi World!

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News this week in the Pi World


Summer: What a difficult time to perform any task other than beach, pool and outings with friends!... You can't keep a blog with all this pressure!. I have time now before I go to the pool to turn on the machines and print several links to distribute them around the Pi World. Let's go!

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Holidays Mode ON


Well, you've seen little activity around here lately. I hope to pick up the momentum but with everything I'm carrying right now, it's very difficult for me to update the blog. I'll drop by from time to time to post a few news items. In fact, next week I'm having a news cocktail as usual. I can only wish you a happy holiday and if you want to tell me something, what are you waiting for? :P

News this week in the Pi World


Well, while I'm waiting a couple of weeks for the internet to be set up at home, I have no other way to publish than by going through the open WiFi in the common areas of my urbanization.

We should also mention that the Copyright Directive has been rejected. The worrying thing is that it was only by 40 votes.

Sorry I can not entertain myself to crop and upload the images, but I leave you with more links than usual and that I found more interesting this week in the Pi World...

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