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Qt 5.X on Raspberry Pi 4


What a nightmare week!. I've been trying to make progress on several fronts but I'm having a hard time with it. To top it all off, I'm having a hard time with the Qt and I'm trying to create a script to install it if we ever need to compile anything with these libraries, and it hasn't been easy to figure out the best way to do it.

Anyway, the binaries that you can install with Raspbian Buster although old, can be useful for us. For the time being, I will leave you with the script you already have in PiKISS inside a new section Devs and some interesting links if you want to venture to compile from scratch or install the binaries from the Raspbian repository.

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New updated versions of emulators for RaspberryPi and PiKISS


POST UPDATED: Added Snes9X, L'Abbaye des Morts, DOSBox-X, mGBA, Mednafen and ScummVM.

I'm updating now that I have some time several emulators and scripts that are a bit outdated. It's a bit boring looking at all the scripts of the project, but once I have it and it's stable, I hope to increase the compatibility with Raspberry Pi 4 and add some new ones. By the way, I'm slowly giving it support with TwisterOS.

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My opinion about Raspberry Pi 4 - 8 GB: the new "Desktop replacement"


Last week an update of the Raspberry Pi appeared as if nothing had happened. With its defenders and detractors, I'm not going to make an analysis or comment on the characteristics of this board, but I'd like to give my opinion on what is happening with the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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Unreal Speccy ZX-Spectrum emulator for Raspberry Pi


Today I've compiled the latest version of this awesome emulator using Raspbian. I think is one of the best ZX-Spectrum emulator. What are you waiting for?...

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News this week in the Pi World!


It's been a long time since I've spent time in this section that used to be quite regular. I know you miss it, but I stopped seeing so much interesting information and joined the little time I had, it was abandoned until I saw that this week I can make one more post about all the wonderful things that are happening in the Pi World... Let's go!

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Batocera: Switch partition to extFAT for macOS/Windows compatibility


Many distributions prepared to play emulators, come by default with the secondary partition in EXT4 to store settings, BIOS and ROMs. For those of us who usually work with macOS and/or Windows, it would be better if this partition came in extFAT to be able to mount in you non Linux OS and transfer files comfortably from the Explorer/Finder, so that is what I have proposed today. It's not a big deal, let's go.

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