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News this week in the Pi World


Here I am today, Saturday, reviewing the best of the week, as from now on it will be difficult for me to publish publish or search for updated content for the blog. I won't keep you waiting any longer. A ration of fried news coming up at the Pi!

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News this week in the Pi World


This week I leave some links about Etcher or run MS-DOS on the RPi among others while I go to watch Avengers 4.

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Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi - Second Edition (free eBook)


Happy bookday!

This book will show you how to utilize the Raspberry Pi to create a portable, low-cost hacking tool using Kali Linux 2.

YouÂ’ll begin by installing and tuning Kali Linux 2 on Raspberry Pi 3 and then get started with penetration testing. You will be exposed to various network security scenarios such as wireless security, scanning network packets in order to detect any issues in the network, and capturing sensitive data. You will also learn how to plan and perform various attacks such as man-in-the-middle, password cracking, bypassing SSL encryption, compromising systems using various toolkits, and many more...

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CentOS for web developers


Today I'm angry with the world. Why didn't anyone tell me Red Hat had a decent operating system? I have had to deal with a team CentOS 7 and I leave some notes here just for reference, and I'll complete them with some difficulties. The profile will be of web developers. Let's go!.

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3D animation, a profession with future (sponsored post)


This post is patrocinated and only available in spanish.

News this week in the Pi World


I am sorry that certain boards have not had a place in this eternal struggle where one thinks that there is a market for all, without remembering that behind them there are companies that depend on turnover to be able to move forward. But the king is dead, king in place, and recently it has had SBC that have allegedly disappeared from the market and others that are new additions. Want to know more?...

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