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News this week in the Pi World


I'm going in a hurry today. Who would say it about a person who turns forty. Well, yes, today I come alive and eager to continue to this stage of my life. I already have some news ready so that you spend a good time here with me. Come on, grab a sod, sit back and start to read The Pi World!...

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News this week in the Pi World


Pi news!

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Kodi's future


Last week there was a very controversial topic within the scene of this media player. The most famous add-ons to watch online TV channels, torrents and other content, disappear without a trace.

Of course they are an important part of Kodi, but it is not for what it was created. As I always say, as soon as one goes out the window, another comes in the door. I doubt it's the end of Kodi.

I wanted to open this post so you can comment on what you think about it. Do you use these add-ons?, Do you think that will get new versions of the already missing Skynet, Flixnet, Genesis and others?.

News this week in the Pi World


Developers have the best and the worst profession in the world. The worst because we have to be constantly studying and updated. Sometimes it matter if you have a life. The best because it gives a lot of satisfaction, especially if you are careful with your code and gradually improve it.

Today it's difficult to be concentrated and there is a lot of "noise" that hinders your work and/or learning. Following a discipline is difficult and I have begun to have it. It's not perfect, but it's a start. How has this miracle happened? Thanks to an email from a person I admire.

Juan Andrés Núñez makes it clear when you enter on his blog wmedia.es: I help restless and curious people to master the Web technologies so that they can make a living on this interactive world.

Receiving an email of encouragement and a couple of weeks later ask you again how everything goes, is priceless. That is why I wanted to thank you from this humble blog for your words and encourage you to learn from your work while I leave you some less interesting links about our crazy Pi World...

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Mongodb on macOS


I've never used MongoDB, but I started a new Node.js course using this NoSQL DB and I'm going to write a few words about how to install it on macOS.

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Spanish Webinar: Introduction to IoT with AWS


On June 27 at 17:00 (Spanish time) will take place a free webinar where they will try to offer an introduction to IoT with AWS.

More info (spanish): pages.awscloud.com

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