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Batocera: Switch partition to extFAT for macOS/Windows compatibility


Many distributions prepared to play emulators, come by default with the secondary partition in EXT4 to store settings, BIOS and ROMs. For those of us who usually work with macOS and/or Windows, it would be better if this partition came in extFAT to be able to mount in you non Linux OS and transfer files comfortably from the Explorer/Finder, so that is what I have proposed today. It's not a big deal, let's go.

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alpinOS: New release for Raspberry Pi 4


Here the changes:

  • Installed on /root alpinOS repo.

  • Enable Edge repositories.

  • Installed common packages: git nano mc rng-tools raspberrypi raspberrypi-bootloader-cutdown htop xrandr shadow sshfs netatalk.

  • Remove ttyys 3-6.

  • Added custom .profile and .bash_aliases on pi and root.

  • Change hostname alpineos to alpinOS.

Link: github.com > alpinOS

Today in mysteries to solve: DOSBox and the MacOS key mapping bug


My favorite game of all time

Lately I've been doing mini posts about problems that I stuck on a daily basis. I have some of them pretty dense that I don't finish, I hope to get the time and publish them to get rid of my backlog.

Today I come to solve the famous DOSBox problem with the key mapping in macOS.

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Best options to use for file/directory compression


Just a quick reminder, If you need the best ratio with different file compression software:

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Fix Git xcrun: error: active developer path (...) does not exist on macOS


Just a quick reminder. I Recently deleted XCode for getting some free space disk (30Gb!), and suddenly I get the message above. brew install git did not the trick. I use Git a lot, don't fuck me, Apple. All posts around the web say I must to install XCode. I don't want to do it. You only need the command line tools. So finally I found the command that saves my day:

sudo xcode-select -s /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools

Building the perfect operating system for Raspberry Pi with Alpine Linux (III)


As we read a few weeks ago, we already have our system almost ready. Now we need software and what better way than learning how to upgrade our alpinOS or use its apk package manager.

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