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Best of this year 2013 on Mis Apuntes de

Jose CerrejonAbout 1 minRaspberry PIRaspberry PI

Best of this year 2013 on Mis Apuntes de


This January, 1 I'd like to start this year with a collection of the most relevant post of 2013 on this blog sorted by month.

  • JANUARY: Links collection to setup your WIFI dongle. Link

  • FEBRUARY: Tip: save and compress at the same time with dd and gzip. Link

  • MARCH: RetroPie Project: Definitive Guide!. Link

  • APRIL: Mis Apuntes de present... NOTESbox!. Link

  • MAY: We compile L'Abbaye des Morts for Raspberry Pi (.deb included). Link

  • JUNE: Ambilight with Raspberry Pi. The Guide (Spanish pdf). Link

  • JULY: Raspberry Pi Reading Car Diagnostics (OBD-II) Data. Link

  • AUGUST: Watch playing online games thanks to on Raspberry Pi. Link | Partition backup with fsarchive (Linux) Enlace

  • SEPTEMBER: Quake 2 on Raspberry Pi. Link | MicroXwin on Raspberry Pi. Link

  • OCTOBER: SDL2 for Raspberry Pi at last (binaries inside!). Link | FTP on the Pi. Link | Trackers: Review on Raspberry Pi. Link| Cameras on the Pi (Special links recopilation). Part I Part II | Podcast called Divagaciones Tecnológicas about Raspberry Pi (Spanish). Link

  • NOVEMBER: OpenELEC with steroids by MoDi (28 Nov). Link | iTunes Server on Raspberry Pi. Link | Build your own "Ambilight" clone (Youtube). Link

  • DECEMBER: Doom's Aniversary (20 years). Celebrate it with the Pi. Link | Top Operating Systems recently updated (December, 2013). Link | HOWTO: Bluetooth with OpenELEC. Link